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  • Why should I use Stay Classy?
    Here are the top 3 reasons why Stay Classy is your best choice for bike rentals: 1. CONVENIENT - No longer do you need to go to a bike shop to pick up a bike. We will have one of our friendly staff members deliver our bikes to your home or hotel. Upon request, we will also be more than happy to help with bike adjustments to assure a perfect fit. For customers staying at hotels, our bikes can be left with the front desk or bellman for deliveries and returns. 2. QUALITY - We have the best bikes in San Diego. 3. RELIABLE - With over 27 years experience, we are known for our professionalism, quality bikes, and amazing rates.
  • How can I rent a bike?
    There are two easy ways to rent a bike: 1- CALL US at (619) 297-5500 during business hours (8am - 5pm) 2. Go to our RENTALS page to choose your bike. 3. Fill out the RESERVATION FORM. We will call you back to confirm. 4. You will be requested to sign the Stay Classy Bikes WAIVER. You can find it at the RESERVATION FORM page. Note: During weekends and special events, all of our bikes are in high demand so we encourage reservations to be made early in advance. If you need to rent a bike the same day, please call us directly.
  • How can I choose the perfect bike?
    We are always here to help you. Keep in mind: For ROAD BIKES: - Check the ROAD BIKE SIZE CHART page to find your road bike size - We strongly recommend carbon road bike rentals ONLY for cyclists with previous experience on carbon road bikes. Safety always first. - RACE bikes are  designed for going fast. It is the perfect harmony between aggressive positioning, lightweight construction, and wind slicing design. - ENDURANCE bikes are the best choice for the the long haul. Upright positioning, forgiving road absorption, and size-specific stiffness. For CITY BIKES: - COMFORT class bikes are excellent for beginner, recreational, and fitness riders that want to go from pavement to rail trails. - COMMUTER bikes are  designed to take you anywhere, from city streets to paths and trails . - KIDS love to explore trails and parks on a bike. With the correct equipment family outings can be awsome! Still have questions? Give us a call.
  • Do I need to reserve a bike in advance?
    We strongly encourage reservations to be made early in advance. Specially during weekends and special events, when all of our bikes are in high demand. Delivery same day is based on availability and is not guaranted. You can always come to STAY CLASSY Store directly.
  • What is included in a bike rental?
    All bike rentals come with a helmet, lock, map, and roadside assistance. Road bikes seat bag come with flat kit, CO2 tube tire levers, multi tool. Specialty pedals are available for free. Need more accessories? Visit our ACCESSORIES page.
  • How do I reserve the acessories?
    Visit our ACCESSORIES page to find out our accessories list and prices. When you recieve your reservation confirmation call, please, tell us what accessories you are interested in.
  • What kind of deposit do I need to rent a bike?
    A credit card and a valid driver's license or passport is required for a rental deposit. A Waiver of Liability must also be signed.
  • What are your delivery and pick up hours?
    Delivery hours are 9:30am - 2pm. Pick up before or after this time slot* * Give us a call to check exceptions and other possibilities
  • Is there a same day rental delivery?
    Delivery same day is based on availability and is NOT guaranted. You can always come to STAY CLASSY Store directly. STAY CLASSY 534 25th St. San Diego, CA 92102 Hours: 9am to 5pm Monday to Sunday
  • Delivery and pick up are for free?
    FREE delivery & returns (*due to your location, distance and rental price we may charge a small delivery fee. Give as a call if you have questions*) STORE PICK UP is always FREE! We only deliver to locations of residence, hotels and air bnb. We do not deliver bikes to random places like parks or restaurants, unless negotiated. Is your address close to our Shop? We'd appreciate you to come visit us and pick up your bike. Bikes pick up must be at the same place where we delivered, unless negotiated.  Delivery hours are 9:30am to 2pm.  Pick up is before or after this time slot. Other available possibilities depending on time and location. Delivery same day is based on availability and is not guaranteed. You can always come to our Shop directly. 
  • Do your shop offer mechanical services?
    Yes! Stay Classy is a full service bike shop specialized in bike rentals. We have the best and most experienced mechanics in San Diego. Give us a call at (619)297-5500 if you have questions.
  • What is your Refund Policy?
    - Refunds ONLY for emergencies with a 48 hour notice. Ask Stay Classy Bikes for more details. - NO REFUNDS for bikes returned early. No exceptions. - Customers are NOT ALLOWED to lock & leave road bikes
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